Month: August 2016


The term massage is a generic word that covers a wide range of soft tissue techniques that are used inside and outside the therapist treatment room. Massage is just one component of physiotherapy holistic intervention and is normally used in conjunction with other elements of physiotherapy treatment techniques.

I have found using massage in conjunction with other physiotherapy treatment techniques to be a highly effective treatment combination. There are so many physical and psychological benefits to massage:

– Touch can be comforting
– Aids the relaxation of muscles which helps relieve muscle tension
Reduces pain
Increases blood and lymph circulation
Increases range of movement and flexibility
Releases endorphins (happy hormone)
Improves the immune system
Increases oxygen flow
Postural improvements
– Helps with improving sleep
Increases energy
Rejuvenates tired muscles in an athlete

Many of those points can be interlinked. For example relieving muscle tension in the neck might reduce pain, increasing ability to sleep and therefore reducing stress levels.

However you don’t have to be in pain/recovering from a sporting activity/under physiotherapy treatment to benefit from a massage. The above points can benefit everyone. Ultimately massage can help with relieving the body of physical and mental stresses that day to day life throws at us all, which in turn improves overall wellbeing. I personally feel most people would benefit from a regular massage. To you it may feel like a pampering but it is actually a highly effective investment in your own health.