Month: December 2014

Taking PhysioMatters into 2015

So it’s been two months now since my first PhysioMatters client walked through the door and the practice is gradually growing with a steady stream of new and returning clients. It continues to be a steep learning curve but all in the best, most positive way!

I feel there are two key reasons for PhysioMatters success so far:
I always want to do the best for my clients, ensuring they are receiving the most up to date, evidence based treatments. This drive keeps me very busy as I constantly read the latest research articles. There is so much information out there, it takes time to sift through it all and decide what is and isn’t relevant. It is always good to question your own methods of treatment as it ensures that you are being effective.
In addition to my desire for doing the very best for my clients I’ve been very lucky on my location. Being based at the Expat Medical Centre means I am easily accessible to expats in Amsterdam. The Expat Medical Centre is founded as part of the service created to facilitate medical care for tourists and expats in the Netherlands. The centre has dedicated, internationally orientated health professionals, which is so beneficial and helpful to expats and tourists who find it difficult to get their heads around the Dutch health system. My availability in the evenings is receiving very positive feedback, as I am available outside my clients working hours.
One area I am excited about developing is working with other professionals, including Lorna Wilson from Wilsons Workouts. Lorna is a Personal Trainer and Biomechanics Coach (one of only two in the Netherlands). We are working closely together with specific clients to ensure they meet their optimum physical abilities. It has been a very valuable experience working together and I am eager to progress this aspect of client care further in 2015. This will start with a workshop myself and Lorna are presenting in mid-January for the Amsterdam Triathlon and Cycling Club (ATAC) on “Injury Prevention, Injury Management and Performance”. Details on how the workshop went in my next blog!
The aim for PhysioMatters in 2015 is to see it continue to grow, whilst giving each and every client personalised assessment and treatment. All that is left for me to do is wish you a Merry Christmas and a fun filled New Year!