Are you are no longer able to achieve your normal level of physical ability?

PhysioMatters can help you return back to normal through treatments that will:


Relieve Pain – There are so many factors that can produce pain that it is vital to establish the cause for the pain. Some of the physical causes can include joint stiffness, reduced strength, flexibility, balance and increased muscle tension. Sometimes pain is as a result of trauma and other times a gradual onset without an obvious cause. Once the cause of the pain is determined it can be treated correctly.

Aid Sports Injury Recovery – Not only can sports injuries be painful, they can also be highly frustrating. It is important to be assessed as soon as possible rather than letting a little twinge slowly grow into a more serious, long term problem. In addition to working towards recovery and returning to sport it is also necessary to look at the long term management, to help prevent further injury in the future.

Reduce Back Problems – Both acute and chronic back pain can be very debilitating. To manage back problems it is essential to understand the reason behind the back pain as this has an impact on the treatment choice and long term management strategy.

Reduce Work Place Back/Shoulder Problems – Modern technology means more and more time is spent sat in front of a screen at a desk. This has implications for our posture, back and shoulders. Education and management strategies in this area can help prevent long term problems in the future.

Aid Recovery Following a Fracture – Immobility of a bone/joint whilst the bone heals can result in stiffness, pain and reduced strength around the injured area. This can have an impact on day to day life. It is important that these problems are addressed (within the fracture healing limitations) to prevent long term problems.

Aid Illness Recovery– There are times in life when illness can have an effect on physical ability. Whether it is following a spell in hospital or an ongoing illness such as cancer it is important to balance the impact the illness has on health and recovery.

Aid Neurological and Chronic Disease Management – Neurological (eg stroke and multiple sclerosis) and chronic (eg osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis) conditions can have acute flare ups that have an impact on physical ability in addition to long term implications. If an acute flare up occurs the reason behind the flare up needs to be investigated and treated accordingly. Long term self-management is important for maintenance of activity levels.